3 Surefire Ways to Have a Successful Trade Show

Are you ready for your next trade show West?

Some trade show draw more than 1,000 exhibitors, and attendees can represent over $50 billion in purchasing power at some shows.

Your company must set itself apart in order to attract potential buyers to its booth and take advantage of the large buying power at your next show show.

If your company is exhibiting at an event, you want your exhibition to be your most successful expo yet.

Set Your Goals

An unwritten goal is only a wish, and you cannot report a wish to your colleagues or boss.

Write down two or three obtainable goals for the trade show.

Some possible goals include the following:

  • Obtain 47 leads from buyers who are ready to purchase within the next six months
  • Research two or three competitors to understand how they differentiate themselves from your company
  • Generate interest in your new product by having at least 127 attendees test your new product
  • Secure five product reviews from influencers within the physical security industry

After you have written down your goals, work backwards to create a trade show strategy that will help your company achieve those goals.

It is important to remember that every decision you make before and during the show should somehow help your company achieve those goals.

Create a Strategy to Drive Traffic to Your Booth

It will be hard to accomplish your trade show booth goals if potential buyers do not visit your booth.

You can use many different strategies to drive foot traffic to your booth. Each strategy depends on your budget and the resources your company has available for the show.

Choosing a few of the strategies below will help increase traffic to your booth:

Pick a Prime Location

A good booth location might cost your company more, but the benefits from the extra foot traffic can be worth the investment.

High-traffic booth locations include entrances, ends of rows, main aisles and corner spaces. All of these locations are highly desirable spots.

Use Social Media

Social media can play a big role in driving additional foot traffic to your booth. Use the shows hashtag on Twitter and Instagram during the show to connect and engage with attendees.

Posting pictures (e.g. of your booth, products, services, swag, or anything else interesting about your company) during the show is a great way to draw in visitors who are using social media during the event.

Post on Facebook twice each day and use the geolocation of your booth so attendees can find you.

Host an Entertaining Game

Having a fun game that relates to the security industry in your booth will help attract potential buyers.

Hosting a contest or game will give you the perfect opportunity to collect your visitors’ information by making them sign up to participate. Make sure you offer a tempting prize to draw in more players.

Create an All-Star Trade Show Team

In order to have a successful expo, you must put together the right team for the show.

Everyone in your booth must have smiling faces and enough energy to last the whole day.

You need to ensure that each potential buyer walking into your booth has the best experience possible, and that there is always someone with whom visitors can interact.

Traffic is not constant during expos. During some periods, you will experience lower or higher amounts of traffic. Make sure your booth is adequately staffed to handle periods of higher traffic.

The more approachable your staff, the more buyers will want to engage with your expo team.

An all-star trade show team includes the following:

  • Dedicated personnel whose role is to drive attendees from the floor into your booth;
  • a sales associate to qualify potential buyers, answer basic questions, and demonstrate your product or service;
  • and a salesperson with trade show experience who can close a deal on the floor.

If your current team does not have trade show experience or cannot meet the basic requirements above, your company should look into hiring temporary booth personnel.

Hiring temporary professional booth personnel is one of the best investments you can make.

Professional booth personnel can drive more foot traffic to your booth, serve as sales associates, or direct buyers to the appropriate staff members for answers to more complex questions.

Get Ready for Your Next Show

Now that you have written down your goals, created a foot traffic strategy, and put together an all-star trade show team, you are adequately prepared for the show!

To help save you time preparing for the show, we put together a free guide to walk you through hiring temporary professional booth personnel.

This guide will help you save time, help your company save money, and help to ensure that you have the best trade show team possible at your next event!

You can take read this free guide by downloading it here or clicking the image below.